Welcome to the homepage of Hoo Crew, the official student fan group at UVA!

Hoo Crew provides students with the opportunity to become more involved with Virginia Athletics. The organization is dedicated to building a united and passionate fan environment at all UVA sporting events.



“I thought the fans were fantastic. One of the loudest I’ve ever heard.” –Kyle Guy (2018)

“This was a phenomenal atmosphere. Our crowd of people who came out was special. That was as loud as I have heard and I appreciate that.” –Tony Bennett (2018)

“The crowd was great. This place has become special. I am very thankful because a  lot of people have stuck with us. I remember on my first day, looking out my office and seeing Dave Matthews playing and saying, ‘Someday we will have that’.” –Tony Bennett (2018)

“I knew it was going to be electric, but that crowd gives you something defensively. I mean it was special how intense it was in there and the passion you got from it. Last time I heard it that loud I was at the Taylor Swift concert. I remember I sat there and there were 14,000 teenage girls screaming and I was like `I wonder if we can get it like this for a game.’ And I’m telling you something; it either rivaled or surpassed it. It was that good.” –Tony Bennett (2014)

“The student section really gets us going especially in tight games. Our fans are the best in the country and they are a huge reason why we are so good at home. My favorite memory as a ‘Hoo came when we beat Duke and the student section stormed the floor.” –Mike Tobey (Class of 2016)