Student Guide to UVA SHOTS


Here’s a guide for the UVA SHOTS ticketing system, which is where students can obtain tickets to all men’s basketball games.

 Save time and paper! Use your mobile phone to access your ticket from your email when you check-in at games so you don’t have to print it out. And be sure to bring your Student ID as well!

CreatingGo here. Click “Sign in” and enter your SHOTS ID and password. Your SHOTS ID is your UVa Computing ID, and for those logging on for the first time, the password is “guest”. You can then change your password on the following page after logging in.

Once you’ve logged in, you’ll see a page with your account information. Change it as necessary, and be sure to check the “Reminder All Email” box to sign up for emails whenever a ticket request period begins.

RequestingOnce a ticket request period begins (they occur a few weeks before each home game; you should get an email reminding you each time, and we’ll post reminders on Twitter and Facebook), log in and click “Request/Claim Tickets” in the upper left corner. Select the desired game, and enter “1” in the box.

Ticket request periods last two days. To get the earliest possible entry time, you MUST request your tickets during this period and claim them as soon as they are awarded to you.

ClaimingStudents awarded a ticket will be notified by email at the end of the request period. These students have two days to claim their ticket – otherwise it will be released to others.

We recommend claiming your ticket immediately after getting the email notification. Log back into SHOTS and click “Your Tickets” in the top left. Then click to claim the appropriate ticket.

If ticket demand exceeds the amount of available tickets, tickets that were requested, but not claimed will go to students that requested (but did not receive) tickets — in Sabre Point order. These students will be notified by email, and will have ONE day to claim their ticket.

If there are more tickets remaining after all requests and claims, ANY student can request/claim/print a ticket (all in one session) up until game time or until no tickets remain. Students that resort to this method, however, will likely be stuck with later entry times.

Game-dayPrint your ticket (immediately after claiming it or any time after) by clicking “Your Tickets” and then selecting the appropriate game or use your mobile phone to access your ticket from your email.  Bring the printed ticket or your ticket clearly displayed on your mobile phone  AND YOUR STUDENT ID to the game – you will need both to enter the arena and the student section.

The time displayed on your ticket is the earliest you can enter JPJ (you can also enter any time after). Enter through the student gate (off of Massie Road facing Emmet Street). JPJ staff will be on hand to form lines for groups 1-10. Student seating is first-come first-serve, so come as early as possible to claim the best seats.

Students with more Sabre Points will get earlier entry times to games. Each time your printed ticket is scanned as you enter a men’s basketball game (before the second half starts), you gain Sabre Points. You can also earn points by attending Orange Passport events in the Fall and Spring.

NOTE: If you claim a ticket, but do not attend the game, you will be deducted Sabre Points. If something comes up to prevent you from attending after you’ve claimed the ticket, you can avoid this penalty by canceling the ticket on SHOTS.

Recap1. Make sure you have an activated SHOTS account with basketball ticket email notifications enabled.
2. Each time you get an email notifying you of a new request period for a game you want to attend, go request the ticket.
3. Each time you get an email notifying you that you’ve been awarded a ticket, go claim it and print it.
4. Bring your printed ticket and student ID to JPJ on game day at the designated time.

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