Sabre Rewards

The Sabre Rewards program is designed to promote student attendance at all University of Virginia athletic events and to ensure that all of our student-athletes get the support that they deserve.

Event Date Time
Wahoo Welcome 22-Aug 5:15 PM
Women’s Soccer 25-Aug 7:00 PM
Men’s Soccer 26-Aug 7:00 PM
Field Hockey 2-Sep 5:00 PM
Women’s Soccer 16-Sep 7:00 PM
Field Hockey 18-Sep 1:00 PM
Volleyball 23-Sep 7:00 PM
Volleyball 7-Oct 7:00 PM
Men’s Soccer 14-Oct 7:00 PM
Women’s Soccer 20-Oct 7:00 PM
Volleyball 21-Oct 7:00 PM
Men’s Soccer 28-Oct 7:00 PM
Wrestling 12-Feb 1:00 PM
Women’s Basketball 16-Feb 7:00 PM
Men’s Lacrosse 18-Feb 1:00 PM
Courtesy of Virginia Athletics