Give Back

If you believe Hoo Crew has positively affected your experience as a supporter of Virginia Athletics, we hope you will consider making a gift to the Hoo Crew Endowment Fund.

Why donate?

When Hoo Crew was originally founded in 2005 as an organization independent of the University and the Athletic Department, students paid for membership. Now, membership is free and all students are considered members of Hoo Crew—as they should be. While the Athletic Department funds several thousand Hoo Crew shirts each year, it operates on a budget that is becoming increasingly strained.

The Hoo Crew Endowment was born from a commitment to find a new source of revenue for the organization as it continues to expand. Hoo Crew will be able to pull a greater amount of resources from it, continuing to grow its support for UVA’s student-athletes.

How can you help?

You can donate here, and if you are a graduating member of the Class of 2019 you can donate through Class Giving (type amount into “Other,” and enter “Hoo Crew Endowment” in the “Personally Selected Gifts Box”). We hope you will seriously consider giving to the Hoo Crew Endowment. Anything helps, even if it’s just a couple of dollars. If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Go Hoos,

Noelle Anderson (
Andrew Benvenuto (
Rajan Jani (

Benefit Levels

$20 Gift: Your name will appear under a list of donors on Hoo Crew’s website.

$100 Gift: You have the option of receiving an orange Hoo Crew “Proud Supporter” short-sleeve t-shirt and sticker. You will be contacted after donating for sizing and delivery information.

$250 Gift: Hoo Crew will make a sign or big head of your choosing to be displayed at John Paul Jones Arena. You will be contacted after donating regarding additional information.

Your Sign Here

All donors over $20 will be listed on Hoo Crew’s website unless they would prefer otherwise. For a $250 donation, donors are eligible to receive one sign/big head and one t-shirt, OR two t-shirts. You may specify your benefit preferences when contacted by Hoo Crew following the receipt of your donation.

Additional Information

Hoo Crew is a Contracted Independent Organization (CIO), existing and operating independently of the University. Hoo Crew is not an arm of the University’s Athletic Department or the Virginia Athletics Foundation (VAF). A gift to the Hoo Crew Endowment directly benefits the official student fan organization of the University and is not a donation to the VAF Endowment, which funds student-athlete scholarships, capital projects, and a portion of the Athletic Department’s operations. The Hoo Crew Endowment is a part of the UVa Fund located in Alumni Hall, and all gifts to the endowment are tax deductible.

Thank you to our endowment donors!

Wahoowa Level: $250+

Mr. Mark M. Anderson, COMM 1998
Mr. Haider Arshad, COMM 2014
Mr. Lloyd Banks Bryant, CLAS 1980
Mr. Kenneth R. and Mrs. Susan E. Bartee, Parents 2015
Mr. Zachary J. Bartee, COMM 2015
Mr. Richard L. Jr. and Mrs. Roxanne R. Booth, Parent 2020
Mr. Stephen Farmer, COMM 2014
Ms. Anna Claire Fotopoulos, NURS 2018
Mr. J. Dale Harvey, COMM 1987
in honor of Ms. S. Grace Mays, CLAS 2018
Mr. Peter W. and Mrs. Emily T. Hjort, Parents 2015
in honor of Ms. Sarah M. Hjort, CLAS 2015
Mr. Luke T. Holman, COMM 2006
Mr. Tyler R. Lewis, COMM 2017
Mr. Brian P. McElhinny, ENG 2013
Mrs. Cynthia C. Overton, COMM 1985
Mr. Robert D. Petri, CLAS 2015
Mr. Frederick Polli, Friend
in memory of Chris Williams and other fallen Hoos
Mr. Edward L. Puckett, Jr., CLAS 2006
Ms. Zoe J. Rankin, COMM 2017
Mr. John M. G. Schmohl, Jr., COMM 1986
in honor of Hunter H. McGuire, Jr. M.D., CLAS 1951
Mr. Michael N. and Mrs. Stephanie L. Smith, COMM 1992, CLAS 1993
in honor of Connor Smith
Mr. Benjamin S. Sydnor, Jr., CLAS 2007
Mr. George T. Tillman, Jr., COMM 1973
Mrs. MaryMoss W. Walker, CLAS 1988
Mr. David H. and Mrs. Christina S. Weiss, ENG 2008 and ENG 2007
Ms. Carolyn Rae Wilkerson, ENG 1987

Orange Level: $100+

Mr. Frederick R. Bellamy, CLAS 1976
Mr. Philip C. Bonfanti, COMM 1978
Mr. Frederick Brouillette, Jr., COMM 1973
Mr. Christopher J. Dembitz, CLAS 1995
Mr. Harrison R. DiGia, COMM 2015
Mr. Dylan L. Fogarty, CLAS 2015
Mr. Timothy E. and Mrs. Debra C. Fogarty, Parents 2015, 2018, 2021
Mr. Frank V. Hopkins, COMM 2001
Ms. Megan C. Marcellin, CLAS 2016
Mr. Jeffrey and Mrs. Deanne Marquis, Parents 2018, 2020
Mr. R. Marshall Merriman, Jr., LAW 1983
in honor of Ms. Laura Merriman, CLAS 2015
Mr. Eric D. Morris, CLAS 2013
Mrs. Cynthia H. Parcell, CLAS 1984
in honor of Ms. Allison M. Parcell, CLAS 2018
Mr. Edward L. Puckett, CLAS 2006
Mr. Kevin O. Rankin, COMM 2013
Mr. David R. Schools, Parent 2018
Mr. Robert M. Smith, CLAS 1974
in honor of Kenneth G. Elzinga, Ph.D., Faculty
Mr. Benjamin S. Sydnor, CLAS 2007
Ms. Alexandra Thomell, Friend
Ms. Jenna Truong, CLAS 2015
Mr. Jarrod S. and Mrs. Joanne M. Tuckman, Parents 2021
Ms. Sommer A. Wiss, CLAS 2015
Mr. Nicholas J. Wade, COMM 2014

Blue Level: $20+

Ms. Erin S. Adonnino, CLAS 2015
Ms. Noelle R. Anderson, ENGR 2019
Ms. Savannah T. Barkdull, CLAS 2016
Mr. Gerald L. Cooper, CLAS 1958
Ms. Morgan Crawford, CLAS 2018
Mr. Andrew R. Furth, ENG 2012
Ms. Kelsey C. Grant, CLAS 2016
Ms. Hannah D. Hardy, EDUC 2018
Ms. Faye J. Harris, Friend
Ms. Michelle W. Janssen, CLAS 2015
Ms. Deanna M. Madagan, EDUC 2017
Mr. Brooks E. Mears, CLAS 2015
Mr. Peter S. Nance, CLAS 2015
Ms. Bridget M. Newell, CLAS 2016
Ms. Simay I. Okyay, CLAS 2014
Mr. Andrew D. O’Shea, ENG 2016
Mr. Dean J. Overdyk, CLAS 2013
Ms. Kara R. Parsons, ENG 2006
Mr. Michael Pittman, Friend
Ms. Shannon M. Power, CLAS 2016
Ms. Taylor B. Stanley, CLAS 2017
Mr. Jason B. Steinbaum, CLAS 1988
Ms. Abigayle Sytsma, CLAS 2017
Mr. Matthew D. Troppe, CLAS 2016
Ms. Sarah M. Woods, CLAS 2018