List of Donors

Thank you to our endowment donors!

Wahoowa Level: $250+

Mr. Lloyd Banks Bryant, CLAS 1980
Mr. Kenneth R. and Mrs. Susan E. Bartee, Parents 2015
Mr. Brian P. McElhinny, ENG 2013
Mr. Edward L. Puckett, Jr., CLAS 2006
Mr. John M. G. Schmohl, Jr., COMM 1986
in honor of Hunter H. McGuire, Jr. M.D., CLAS 1951
Mr. Benjamin S. Sydnor, Jr., CLAS 2007
Mrs. MaryMoss W. Walker, CLAS 1988
Mr. David H. and Mrs. Christina S. Weiss, ENG 2008 and ENG 2007
Ms. Carolyn Rae Wilkerson, ENG 1987

Orange Level: $100+

Mr. Haider Arshad, COMM 2014
Mr. Zachary J. Bartee, COMM 2015
Mr. Frederick Brouillette, Jr., COMM 1973
Mr. Christopher J. Dembitz, CLAS 1995
Mr. Timothy E. and Mrs. Debra C. Fogarty, Parents 2015, 2018
Mr. Frank V. Hopkins, COMM 2001
Mrs. Cynthia H. Parcell, CLAS 1984
in honor of Ms. Allison M. Parcell, CLAS 2018
Mr. Kevin O. Rankin, COMM 2013
Mr. Robert M. Smith, CLAS 1974
in honor of Kenneth G. Elzinga, Ph.D., Faculty
Ms. Alexandra Thomell, Friend
Mr. George T. Tillman, COMM 1973

Blue Level: $25+

Mr. Stephen Farmer, COMM 2014
Mr. Dylan L. Fogarty, CLAS 2015
Mr. Andrew R. Furth, ENG 2012
Ms. Faye J. Harris, Friend
Mr. Dean J. Overdyk, CLAS 2013
Ms. Kara R. Parsons, ENG 2006
Mr. Michael Pittman, Friend
Mr. Jason B. Steinbaum, CLAS 1988
Ms. Jenna Truong, CLAS 2015
Mr. Nicholas J. Wade, COMM 2014