U-V-A Go ‘Hoos Go 

Go ‘Hoos Go!

Good Old Song

In the tune of Auld Lang Syne

That good old song of Wah-hoo-wah–we’ll sing it o’er and o’er
It cheers our hearts and warms our blood to hear them shout and roar
We come from old Virginia, where all is bright and gay
Let’s all join hands and give a yell for the dear old UVA.


Basketball Chants

When the team comes out from the locker room

Go Wahoos x3
Go ‘Hoos Go!

During the introduction of the opposing team’s Starting Line up

Stand and chant out “Let’s go Wahoos (clap-clap-clapclapclap)” until the end of the introduction of opponent’s starting line up

During the introduction of our team’s Starting line up

Clap continuously and cheer loudly when player’s name is announced

At tip off

Chant “Hoos, Hoos, Hoos” with your right arm up in the air moving up and down continuously until one of teams gets the ball in their possession.

On offense

There are three possible chants to shout out repeatedly when UVa has the ball:
“Let’s go Wahoos (clap-clap-clapclapclap)”
“Let’s go ‘Hoos (clap)”
“U-V-A (clap)”

On defense

Yell “OOOOHHHHHHH” while jumping up and down to create a hostile playing environment for the opposing team.

UVA at the free throw line

Have both arms in the air and stay silent. When UVa make a free throw, have your right arm in the bent at 90 degrees and chant, “Hoos, U-V-A!”

Opposing team at the free throw line

During the second half of the game, section 116-119 hold up posters, giant heads, and other signs to try to make the players miss the free throw because they will shoot at the basket in front of the student section.